How do I buy a Dallas Townhome?

The first step in buying a townhome is finding a Realtor® who knows the area. Then you need to find your townhome and get prequalified for a loan.

How do I get a Loan for a Dallas Townhome?

If you click the link to left we can get you prequalified in about 20 to 30 minutes. Or call us at 214-893-4480 to get more information on that process. A common misconception is that it will hurt your credit. The truth is, it will not.

How Do I get into a Dallas Townhome?

We will be happy to set up any appointment to let you into any townhome. Plus just contact us it is free.

Does it cost money to look at Dallas Townhomes?

No it does not.

Does it cost money to sell my townhome?

The Realtor® fees are 6% and title fee is about 1%