The Dallas Uptown area dominated by townhomes and condos. The difference between them is simple. With townhomes you own the land beneath, while with condos you only on the "air" you have within the four walls. There are usually three stories in most Dallas Townhomes, so if stairs are not your thing, Dallas Townhomes will not be either. The first floor will usually contain one bedroom or study with a garage and maybe a laundry room or coat closet. The second level of the townhome will include your living areas and kitchen. This is usually very open, with the kitchen flowing in the living areas. The third floor is usually the master suite with a large bathroom or a combination of master and an additional bedroom. The townhome will most likely have common walls with the units around it. The prices will range from the low 200’s all the way up to 1 million. The majority about 80% are from 250k to 450k.

Some of the most popular areas in Uptown that have townhomes are the Oak Lawn area on streets such as Gilbert and Holland. The Knox/Henderson West Village areas. With townhomes on Travis and Buena Vista. And probably the most popular area is be the St Thomas Historic District. There areas in between but each one of these areas has its on feel.

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